Welcome to Semi-Detached!

This blog was born out of a desire to share my life since I moved back to my hometown of Wolverhampton after graduating from university this year. Whilst home is comforting in some regards I found myself not relating that much to my home city and this disconnect to the area I grew up in inspired the name Semi-Detached.

Going to university and getting into university was a big deal for me- I was the first in my generation to attend and also attended a school where I was one of only a couple that went to a Russell Group university. Like many teenagers, I went through the stereotypical awkward growing phase but I think I always resonated with this feeling of not quite fitting into the city and the area I grew up in. My hometown and university city of Bristol are drastically different and so moving back home has brought with it some challenges.

I have never been one to let things such as home background, wealth or education limit me but increasingly I have noticed how people from similar backgrounds to me have struggled with imposter syndrome and a belief that they can be successful.

After procrastinating for a very long time I finally decided to just start the blog. For me this offers a virtual sanctuary where I can share some thoughts on areas of interest for me- these areas will range from more personal topics to areas that I am simply just more passionate about.

Without being too whimsical, I hope that the words I bashfully type on my kitchen table after work do resonate with people or if not resonate spark some interest in the topic that motivated the post.

I represent only one person from one area within the UK, all of what I write will tend to come from a personal place and with that in mind do take that into account if you have different opinions or beliefs etc.

I look forward to sharing!