Girl done good

I am officially a graduate from the University of Bristol- yes, indeed I graduated from university with a 2:1 in Politics and International Relations. Finally, I am equipped for all the political debates I encounter on Uber journeys and I can now affirmatively answer “no” when someone asks me if I fancy being Prime Minister (why is everyone obsessed with asking this?!)

It feels good to be on the other side because for months I was working on my dissertation and on a day-by-day basis without being dramatic (which we have established I am), I felt like I was drowning. The months following the passing of my Grandad were put simply difficult. I do intend to do a more in-depth piece on grief but now isn’t the right moment. At any rate, if nothing else I realised I can (even if it isn’t ideal to) work with my Mom in the kitchen though sharing the table did result in us having to create some sort of peace treaty to establish spatial boundaries. 

The future…

The next steps from here seem slightly foggy but I am learning to tread lightly, if nothing else the pandemic has taught us to slow down and appreciate the smaller things. As someone that prides themselves on having a slightly military five-year plan, I do have some rough plans. I still hope to be able to go to Peru in March although I have to admit that this ambition is seeming more and more distant as guidelines and restrictions change. As my Mom always says “Peru isn’t going anywhere”- rationally I know it isn’t but I still feel justified in being disappointed over the changes to my travel plans although I would never prioritise my travel over the safety of others. 

Wolverhampton has been a bit like soup- comforting but boring after a while. Seeing my friend in London made me realise how much I crave the city life that may not be worth the high rent and expensive cocktails but worth the experience. Although my progress feels a bit stunted between the four walls of my semi-detached home, I know that London despite being my intended next home is not necessarily the greener grass that my fantastical wishful thinking manifested it to be. As one friend said today “not being in London now doesn’t mean you’re not smashing it”- I think there’s definitely something in this. A belief that if you don’t hop to the city after you graduate that you haven’t fulfilled the graduate rite of passage. I don’t feel deflated over this back step but sometimes the easiest choice would have just been to rent a small room in Clapham or any other over-saturated graduate district. Instead of rushing to the city with an unpaid off overdraft and a suitcase stuffed with clothes and some succulents- taking the time to earn money back home feels like the less exciting but more practical option for me.  After all adulthood is all about being somewhat sensible right? 

As one friend said today “not being in London now doesn’t mean you’re not smashing it”- I think there’s definitely something in this

To all new COVID graduates regardless of where you’re living or what you’re doing- whether it is in line with any plan you had in mind or not, the past six months have emphasised the importance of being flexible and kind to others and ourselves. If you feel like you’re not where you’re meant to be (a little like me) then give it time, at best you’ll open yourself to new opportunities and people and even if you don’t enjoy it I always think these unplanned moments make for the best dinner party anecdotes; so if nothing else you might be able to get a laugh out of it. 


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  1. Rosa Stevens says:

    You’ve bloody done it! Incredibly proud of this successful girl

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