Welcome to Semi-Detached


I’m Emma (or ebm as friends often call me), a twenty-something navigating being back home after completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol. Pre-Corona I was planning on traveling around South America in Summer 2020 this is obviously not happening so now I am working at a school and hoping to go to London next year! The transition home been interesting- especially with the added joy of lockdown and living with my Mom in our semi-detached house.

Being in Wolverhampton a city I felt out of place in as I grew up has forced me to address issues I have often ignored.  Spending an extended period of time back home before I start my next chapter has given me time to reacquaint myself with the city that shaped me. 

Join me for some chaotic weekly posts (trying my best with the timings!) Here’s to the future and to the potential growth of my new project. The topics I choose to write about are almost always of personal importance to me- I can’t promise that you will agree with everything. With that in mind please remember that I am only one voice and one person. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I will tread as carefully as possible with more sensitive topics.

As with all hearty debates, I encourage opinions so do feel free to message or comment, and as this blog develops I would love to have commissions. 

Big love xoxo